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Tuesday, 25 January 2022

Men-At-Arms For The Club Wars of the Roses Campaign

Here is the first unit for my Lion Rampant Wars of the Roses army for our Spring/Summer campaign. These are Sir Bernard De Liasmith's bodyguard of men-at-arms in full plate armour. 

I decided to keep some of the Norwich City yellow and green theme within the unit but decided to add some extra colours on some of the models - obviously Sir Bernard is happy to allow them to display their own family livery colours while they fight beneath his own banner. (I have no idea if this ever happened - I'm painting what I think is gonna look good, not necessarily what is historically perfectly accurate!) I like the effect I've achieved!

Perry models, undercoated with GW Leadbelcher spray and highlighted up. I wanted a very clean and clear silvery armour on these chaps as they are the elite of the army and I'm quite pleased how well they came out given how difficult I'm finding Perry models to paint - they are very slight and small compared to most everything else I've ever painted (My El Cid army is all Perry, but I painted that almost 15 years ago and I was a better painter then!)

Enjoy these pic and keep an eye out for more soon. I've built mounted men-at-arms, mounted light cavalry and billmen today, so I'll get undercoating tomorrow.

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