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Friday 8 August 2008

A Rather Spiffing Surprise!!!

Bought the new 'Wargames Soldiers & Strategy' mag while on a shopping trip in Stamford yesterday (buying a host of jungle animal toys for Junior's 'jungle themed' nursery, dontcha know...)

Anyhooo, I knew that this issue contained an article by James Morris about the Picts, so I figured that was a 'must read' (and I was right...outstanding article...easily the best written I've seen in that magazine and better written than most of what currently appears in WI as well...Informative, suitably 'informal' writing style, backed up with a wide variety of references, good bibliography and minitures stuff...Well done, Mr Morris, sir!!)

Anyway, was reading through said article and there, on page 44, was a LARGE picture of a unit of my Northern Welsh Combrogi (taken at 'Struggle for the North' last year, I believe!!) Bugger me! Bit of a surprise!! (although, I knew that Mr Guy Bowers had taken quite a few shots of the army on that day...)

Other pics in the article are from the League of Ausberg's Arfur collection, (amongst others) so am in esteemed company there!

Anyway, I had no idea that was gonna be happening til I read it, so thank you, authors, photographers and ediitors of WSS...

World domination surely awaits......