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Monday 20 September 2021

Knights of The Celestial Tower for Dragon Rampant: Painted Lancers

 Well, I finally got some paint onto the three converted GW Stormcast Palladors on their resized Mousillon Miniatures 3D printed horses. 

What a task! These were SO tough to paint! The sculpted detail on the horses is brilliant but very tricky to paint well. I'd already decided I wasn't going to use Army Painter Dip on these models and was going with a more typical GW-style layers and ink washes approach, something I haven't done in absolutely years.

Well, it was worth it, I think. I'm generally pretty pleased with how these have turned out. My helmet conversions aren't as neat as I wanted - I had real trouble making the removal of the Chaos horns neat enough. But they'll do. I'm pleased with the armour overall. I followed some online tutorials to get some ideas about how to do it and I think I got the 'shining steel' effect I was originally after. I like the colour scheme too.