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Friday 18 October 2013

Catching up...

Hi all

Sorry for lack of updates, but I have been extremely busy with all sorts of 'stuff' and what gaming I have done has not made it to the blog, largely because most of it has been showing folk how Dux Brit and Dux Bellorum work, or I've forgotten to take a camera to my gaming sessions, which has happened at least once.

We are currently playtesting our scenarios for the upcoming WAB day 'Carve Out A Kingdom' which recreates the battle fort Italy in the late 11th Century (places still available if interested - Sunday Nov 24th - drop me a line for details) It promises to be a great day!

Painting is slowly progressing. I am currently working on a large batch of various models that will be done with 'dip and highlight'. This includes a dozen LoTR Elves, a dozen LoTR Orcs and a bunch of Colonial Indian infantry and Pathans, plus some WfB High Elves for my son. I aim to basecoat as many models as possible then have one mega dip session, as I have found that the more you open and close a tin of dip, the faster it goes off. So, this time I plan to prep up as many as possible prior to opening the new tin!

The LoTr models will, as previously hinted, be used with a fantasy variant of Dux Brit; the colonials are for Triumph & Tragedy or possibly a variant of Sharp Practice (although I have also bought 'Smooth & Rifled' by the same guys who do Impetus as that looks like it could be fun and easy to play.)

Then there is the mass of WfB High Elves which are currently languishing in the painting pile. They are the knights on barded horses and are proving very difficult to do!! They'll look great once finished, I'm sure of that, but it's hard to be motivated to work on them as progress is son painfully slow, unlike on the 'dip & highlight' models.

I\ll post pics of all of the above once I get them done. Colonial Sikhs likely to be first.

Am playing Dux Brit on Monday - not a campaign game, but I'll try to remember the camera this time!!