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Sunday 29 April 2007

Up and coming...

Well, I've been away all day today visiting parents, so b*gger all got done on the painting front. So, over the next week I have to complete the 4 Combrogi and 2 Pagenses that are currently half finished on my painting table. Once they are done, I'll post some pics of the dozen or so West Wind models I've painted recently, as well as a comparison shot with some GB models.

After that it's frantically paint the last 20 models ready for James Morris' 'Struggle for the North' event in late June. However, while doing that, I'll try to post a few pics showing my use of the Foundry 3-colour process and how I sometimes deviate from it with GW paints....just in case anybody out there cares!! :-)

I'll also post some pics of the wargame table boards I've just created as well as work in progress on the Scheltrum miniatures Arthurian fort. First resin scenics I've painted. One section finished and not looking too bad at all....

Saturday 28 April 2007

Arthurian Warlord

Just to get us all started, my conversion of Gripping Beast's fabulous Welsh Lord model that accompanied their WAB Age of Arthur deals earlier this year.
Basically, I've added armour to his upper arms, re-sculpted the cloak to cover the joins and added splint armour to his legs. I also added a shield...

The dead Saxon was converted from the Saxon model that also accompanied said deal....(Every good Romano-British Warlord knows that the only good Saxon is a dead Saxon and the only thing BETTER than a dead Saxon is a dying Saxon who tells you where to find his mates!!!)


Well, I've finally succumbed to this 'blogging' lark. Dunno what I'm doing, you understand...just having a bash and seeing what happens.

Anyway, what you'll get on here is info on what models I'm currently painting for my wargame interests, notably Warhammer Ancient Battles (WAB) and Warhammer Legends of the Old West (LOTOW) and the variants that are springing up all over the place for that (both official and otherwise.)

I hope that you'll enjoy my humble offerings. Take from them what you will...

I'll be adding stuff over the next few days just to make it look as if I've got something useful to say!!