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Tuesday 8 November 2016

Saga - Aetius and Arthur Coming Late November

I must have been living under a rock or something but it had completely passed me by that the new supplement for Saga, Aetius and Arthur, is coming later this month.

I haven't played Saga for ages, primarily because of playing too many other things, but this new supplement could well see that change as it deals with the fall of the Western Roman Empire and Arthurian Britain, for which I have plenty of models and which, as you all know, is my favourite of favourite wargame periods!!  Several folk at the club also have models for the period and also play Saga, so this could be a winner.

Apparently, there are boards for Late Romans, Romano-British, Early Saxons, Goths, Huns and Picts, with options to create Salian Franks and Eastern Romans by using pre-existing boards. There's also a campaign system and four new scenarios, all of which makes it a bit of a 'must-buy' at Geetarhero Towers!!!

Watch this space later this month!!

In other news, painting has slowed to a crawl or is non-existent. I'm trying to battle on with some Fantasy stuff, but I'm not getting very far. Mojo gone again, I'm afraid and no deadlines left to work to... Gaming has taken a bit of a hit too... Hope to be back on track soon. Thanks for sticking with me.