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Monday 17 December 2018

Mojo Gone... Hobby stalled...

Hello,'s been almost 4 months since my enthusiastic last post about painting Republican Romans. Sadly, that's the last wargaming-related thing I've done.

Life has become embroiled in a hideous mess of extremely busy work schedules, marital breakup and associated legal joys and pending house move and all the mental health struggles that come with such massive changes to life. Interesting times...

To be honest, I'm not sure when...even if...I'll paint or game again, as at the moment I just can't be bothered. I've even started selling off the lead and plastic mountain! Crazy, huh? The little hobby time I do have these days is being used thrashing a guitar to within an inch of its life, which is immensely therapeutic and I can settle to that and enjoy it, which I can't say about the gaming and painting hobby at the moment.

Please understand that I'm certainly not here bemoaning the state of the world and begging for your sympathy - not at all! In fact, despite all the negative vibes around here at the moment, there are some very positive things going on in my life, both personally and professionally, which is really great and I am incredibly grateful for it. It's just that I have next to no interest in the hobby at the moment and I thought that anyone who still follows this blog ought to know a bit about what's going on. I do hope to get back into it a bit once I get moved into my rather lovely new house - hopefully by February if all the legal crap goes according to plan - so we'll see if that restores my mojo somewhat... I suspect it'll take a while longer before I'm in a place to do much, but we'll see... Never say never, eh?

Anyway, I hope that any of you out there still reading this have a jolly fine Christmas and an excellent New Year! I can assure you that I shall certainly be doing my utmost to make the best of it and do the same. There is the threat of a game of Dux Britanniarum happening locally over the Yuletide season to which I may attempt to visit for nostalgia's sake and for hopefully a bit of mojo re-awakening, so hopefully I'll see you all in 2019 with at least something on the hobby front to report!

Until then, take great care of yourselves and may your dice always roll high!!