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Saturday 29 January 2022

Handgunners for the club's Wars of the Roses campaign

 Well, Covid has kicked our arses here at Geetarhero Towers, with the boy being on day 6 and still testing positive and me being on day 3 and feeling like utter crap - proper 'man-flu' symptoms. 

Still, thanks to a new Netflix subscription, we are binge watching Cobra-Kai and I am still being quite productive on the modelling and painting front. I've completed 6 hand gunners for Sir Bernard De Liasmith's retinue (Bidowers under the Lion Rampant rules) which, when added to the foot Men-at-Arms on the previous post gives me 8 out of the 30 points I need for my battle retinue (I still haven't finally decided what the extra 10 points are going to be for the full 40pt retinue I have to submit...

I was gonna do these in my usual dip and highlight style, but my can of dip has gone off and truth to tell I didn't wanna waste two days waiting for dip to dry, so completed the painting of these 6 chaps in quick time given that I was triple highlighting on a white undercoat, using brown ink wash to conceal any errors in the deepest recesses. The painting is certainly neat enough at table-top distance. 

Once again, these are Perry plastics. 

I've built my billmen, cavalry and one unit of archers too, so I think I'm gonna build the second unit of bow then start painting the billmen in between the sneezing and coughing fits. Thank God for the vaccine - how sick might I have been if I'd not had that??!!

Tuesday 25 January 2022

Men-At-Arms For The Club Wars of the Roses Campaign

Here is the first unit for my Lion Rampant Wars of the Roses army for our Spring/Summer campaign. These are Sir Bernard De Liasmith's bodyguard of men-at-arms in full plate armour. 

I decided to keep some of the Norwich City yellow and green theme within the unit but decided to add some extra colours on some of the models - obviously Sir Bernard is happy to allow them to display their own family livery colours while they fight beneath his own banner. (I have no idea if this ever happened - I'm painting what I think is gonna look good, not necessarily what is historically perfectly accurate!) I like the effect I've achieved!

Perry models, undercoated with GW Leadbelcher spray and highlighted up. I wanted a very clean and clear silvery armour on these chaps as they are the elite of the army and I'm quite pleased how well they came out given how difficult I'm finding Perry models to paint - they are very slight and small compared to most everything else I've ever painted (My El Cid army is all Perry, but I painted that almost 15 years ago and I was a better painter then!)

Enjoy these pic and keep an eye out for more soon. I've built mounted men-at-arms, mounted light cavalry and billmen today, so I'll get undercoating tomorrow.

Saturday 22 January 2022

First Models for the Lion Rampant Wars of the Roses campaign at the club

First models painted for the upcoming Wars of the Roses campaign: The command stand - This is solely to indicate which unit my leader is in and will be superfluous to the actual number of models on the table, so utterly unnecessary, but it adds period flavour and looks cool.
So, may I introduce you to the lord of my forces - Sir Bernard De Liasmith, Earl of Matthews and Carrow, with his standard (the big one, indicating the lord's presence and position on the battlefield) and his banner (canary on a gold and green field.)
We are anticipating many defeats, an occasional shock victory and relegation at the end of the campaign!! 🤣🤣(Apologies to those who have no idea who Norwich City football club are and who don't get the references!)
Perry plastic models, painted using GW and Foundry paints, layered over a GW Leadbelcher undercoat. Banners hand drawn and hand painted.
Next up: the Men-at-Arms on foot...