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Tuesday 30 June 2009

Welsh Army for Hot Lead

Here are the latest photos of my Age of Arthur Welsh for Hot Lead. Some of the models you've seen before, but have had a shield repaint, using animals, spirals and Christian crosses to replace the very Romano-Brit designs I originally gave them (don't worry, I still have enough Romano Brit type infantry to field 3 units!!). The Teulu have been completed after I started them for my Bretwalda warband, so there are now 22 of those. I've also painted new banner bearers and a new muso for the foot combrogi.

I'm really pleased with the very 'Celtic' look of this army via the banners (I am REALLY pleased with the Teulu's raven banner...) and shield designs. The next stage (after finishing my El Cid army) is to paint a new mounted Teulu and mounted combrogi unit and some additional foot combrogi and skirmishers...lots to keep me busy!! I'll also do a 'painting spirals' tutorial for those who like that sort of thing, when I get a mo... It's easier than it looks, trust me!!!
Here's the 1500pt army....left to right:

15 combrogi; 20 Saxon allies led by a Thegn (my 'Franks' from the Cold Steel Romano Brit army!); 22 Teulu led by the Rex and ASB; 22 combrogi led by an Uchelwyr; 9 mtd combrogi. On the hill behind, 2 units of pagenses (and Scheltrum Miniatures' Arthurian fort!!)

Welsh characters...