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Wednesday 12 August 2015

Early Dark Ages War & Conquest Gaming Day in Peterborough (UK) on Sunday 13th September

Just a quick message to publicise a small War and Conquest event that Rob Broom (author of rules and ex-WAB head honcho) and I are running on Sunday 13th September.

It's a very low-key (i.e. not overly competitive) type of day and we are hoping to use it to showcase some new army lists for the very late Roman/Arthurian period that I have been working on with Rob, although I believe there will be options for Classical era games if people don't have Late Roman/Arthurian/late Barbarian armies.

It'll be held at our regular venue which is the St John's Ambulance HQ in the town centre. Dedicated free parking and central city location so loads of food vendors nearby, plus space for up to 24 players on 6x4 tables.

We are hoping that we can encourage experienced and newbie War and Conquest players to come along and enjoy a relaxed day of gaming.

For further details of armies, event costs, etc, please reply to this thread or drop me an email if you have my address.

Hope to see some of you there!