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Friday 19 June 2015

Oldhammer Elves for Osprey's Upcoming Dragon Rampant Rules

As you all know, I have been busily play testing Dan Mersey's upcoming Colonial rules and was absolutely delighted when an email popped into my inbox the other week with a pre-publication draft of his Dragon Rampant fantasy rules attached as a 'thank you' for my involvement in play testing! As you know, I like a bit of fantasy gaming so this was some result!

Anyway, the rules encourage players to conform to fantasy stereotypes when building forces, (although you can really do whatever you like, as it's so flexible) so, in fit of excitement and, being desperate to paint something other than Colonial native types for a while, I dragged out my Oldhammer Elves and began to design ideas for war bands. It soon became apparent that, as most of my unpainted 80s models are Wood Elf in nature, that I should go with that.

Accordingly, I dragged out the general model I painted as a High Elf months and months ago and, having rebased him on a large base, refreshed his colour scheme to become more Wood Elf. I then set about the armoured lancers on metal armoured horses that I had originally intended to paint as High Elf Siver Helms. I had begun these in the 3-layer Dallimore style about 18 months ago but got no further than painting the mail and horse armour. Despite this and my failing eyesight, I bit the bullet and set about layering a couple up and here is the result.

I can field the general as a 'single model unit' or as a 'reduced model unit' with the two knights added and either way, they function like a unit of 6 knights in Lion Rampant, so I have options. I also intend to paint another 4 knights so I can actually field a full strength unit of lancers if need be. I also have a unit of elite foot and one of 3 units of archers on the painting table although they are being done in dip and highlights style, as layering just takes me too long these days... Don't get me wrong, the layering looks brilliant on these cavalry, but the thought of painting about 100 Elves in full layered style is too daunting (yes..I have enough models for about 60 points in Dragon Rampant...and I just bought an old Treeman model off EBAY!!!!)

Anyway, the pics...