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Sunday 3 January 2016

2015 Review

2015 was quite a productive wargaming year at Guitarheroandy Towers...

I finally got myself into War and Conquest, to the point of actually writing sone Arthurian era Army Organisation Lists and even helped to organise a gaming day at the club, which was well attended and enjoyed by all who came. Great set of rules, WAC. I must play more of it. It has supplanted WAB in my affections for sure and is my 'go-to' Ancient/Dark Ages rules et now. I also owe Rob Broom a few more lists as well, so that's on the agenda for 2016.

I was also really proud to be asked by Dan Mersey to join the play testing group for 'The Men Who Would Be Kings, his upcoming Colonial rules. This proved to be one of the most enjoyable gaming experiences I have ever had as the experience of play testing was both interesting and very rewarding. Also, the fact that the rules are bloody great really helped, of course!! Thanks must also go to my fellow club members who helped out, especially Andy MacTaggart who has shared many games with me during and after the play test period

Linked to that was the inaugural Hereward Wargame Show, where Andy and I put on a 'The Men Who Would Be Kings' demo/participation game. - the first 'official' outing of the rules at a UK show!!! This was such a great fun endeavour! While I had previously been involved in demo games with James Morris at a couple of shows, this was my first one taking a lead and it seemed to be a great success! There was something of a mammoth painting drive from Andy and myself to get the forces ready - incidentally, almost all of my NW Frontier forces were painted in the past 18 months - quite an undertaking!! Anyway, all who played on the day had a good time and most seemed to love the rules. Andy and I are already talking about ideas for a similar kind of thing at next year's show.

Then there was Lion Rampant and Dragon Rampant - I have really enjoyed playing with these rules, especially using Lion Rampant for Arthurian gaming. I intend to use Dragon Rampant for a few Arthurian games in 2016 too!

On the painting front, lots of Colonials, and a few Fantasy models was pretty much the sum total of my efforts and it'll continue in a similar vein in 2016.

Thanks to all who read and  comment on my occasional posts... I do hope to blogs  little more frequently in 2016, real life permitting!!