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Monday 30 December 2019

More for Morgoth: Orc Pikes.

More progress on the army of Angband. Some Pike-armed Orcs today. Bought from EBAY with armour neatly drybrushed and flesh base coated. I tidied up the armour, highlighted the flesh and painted all the other bits. It's amazing what you get done with a couple of child-free days!
I have one more unit of these on the painting table, plus 2 units of 4 archers that I want to get done by 11th January... Hope I can make it. I have my lad with me for the next 6 days so will not get so much painting time...

Sunday 29 December 2019

The Forces of Angband Multiply - Trolls

The forges of Angband are working overtime over the holiday period! I finished a unit of trolls... The GW hill troll was painted 6 or 7 years ago and I needed 3 more for a unit so decided to buy a pack of Last Alliance plastics - £10 for 4 soft plastic trolls. 
To be fair, the plastic is kinda 'medium' plastic. It took a bit of work to clean up the flash, etc (possibly because my knife blade needs replacing, possibly because the plastic is a weird consistency - probably a bit of both) but they painted up really well! And I still have one left over if I want a unit of 4 with a Troll leader... 
PS these trolls are from 'War Trolls set 3' - Last Alliance do several troll sets...

Wednesday 25 December 2019

The Forges of Angband - Orcs Multiply!!

I've been painting Orcs the past couple of weeks. Like most of the army of Morgoth figures in my collection, these were all purchased part-painted from EBAY and I've tidied them up.

The unit of Morannon Orcs and Uruk Hai swordsmen were a mixed bag. The Morannon Orcs were reasonably neatly basecoated, had been ink washed and highlighted, again quite neatly. I just had to sharpen up the highlights and neaten things up a bit, plus repainting all the tunics which were bright red when they came to me - way too bright for bog standard Orcs so I repainted them in a variety of colours. The Uruk Hai models were a bit of a mess - mostly just badly dry brushed in metallics and some skin tones. To be honest I probably should have started again with them, but figured I could 'lose' them in amongst the rank and file so just fixed them as best I could. They look ok in amongst all the others.

The unit made up from Uruk Hai Scouts were nicely base coated with some decent single highlights. It was an easy job to sharpen the highlights up neatly. However, all the clothing had been painted black and  it was just too much, so I repainted bits of clothing in either Foundry Rawhide or Deep Leather Brown triad to break up the black. Those without shields were given the freebies I received in War-games Illustrated a few months back - a sprue of Warlord Games Veteran Roman Legionaries. I think these look good on these models. I also added a standard (I'm basically doing one standard for every two units) which ended up looking pretty cool, I think.

I now have 6 such units fully painted with two units of Uruk Hai pikemen awaiting my attention. I also have a unit of 4 archers finished and two more units to paint, plus a unit of trolls to finish. I also have enough models for two units of 4 warg riders in my bits box, plus a couple of Orc heroes. A tidy little force for playing James Morris' homespun rules or Dragon Rampant.

Sunday 22 December 2019

Angband Command Base

I managed to complete my Angband Command Base. The Lieutenant of Angband is a metal GW LoTR Morannon Orc commander with a shield from War-games Illustrated's free sprue of Warlord Roman Veteran Legionaries from a few months back and with a wire spear. I painted him from scratch. The GW Uruk-hai banner bearer came from EBAY part-painted. He'd been base-coated, ink-washed and the armour had been dry brushed. I just added some extra highlights and repainted the loin cloth. 
The top of the banner pole is, I think, from an old Gripping Beast Hun standard or maybe a Standard from their Saxon range... I've had it in the bits box for over a decade. 
The GW Uruk Hai and Morannon Orcs largely fit the description of Orcs from the Silmarillion - 'shod with iron, shielded with iron'. Also, we know from the Silmarillion that the Orcs were heavily armoured - I think it's Beleg who pleads with an Elf king (Thingol? Can't remember...) for a new sword because his can't get through Orc armour. To me that suggests armour heavier than simply mail, hence me being happy to use these GW figures. 
Anyway, here is the vignette...

Friday 20 December 2019

Banner of Angband

Working on a command base for my Silmarillion project evil army at the moment and decided I needed a banner to match that of the Elves.

I had no idea what to do with it... Black? Red? Design?

Then I had a brainwave! What would be the one thing that'd p*ss off the Elves more than anything else (especially if facing the sons of Feanor)? A banner featuring the Silmarils themselves!! So the idea was born - Morgoth's Iron Crown, with the Silmarils floating above it in all their radiance!

Clearly the Orc Chieftain who fights under this banner has many Elven slaves who have worked on this affront to their race.

The base colour is Foundry Madder Red triad with a final highlight of Foundry Bright Red Light.
The crown is Foundry Slate Grey triad, with some highlighting with Foundry Arctic Grey and fine lining with GW Corvus Black. The silmarils are the Foundry Arctic Grey triad, with outlining in GW Corvus Black.

Working on the Chieftain and his banner bearer as we speak - hope to have them done just after Christmas...

Friday 13 December 2019

Silmarillion Action Shots...

I decided to get all my Middle Earth models out for a photoshoot - some action shots with all my available light sources and a bit of scenery. I'm pleased with how these turned out. The lighting gives you a better idea of the actual colours than my recent pictures of the Elves on a white background. 
The army of Angband is 70% bought off EBAY ready part-painted - I went for models that had been base coated neatly and ink-washed, perhaps with minimal dry brushing or highlights. All I've done is tidy up the highlights and repaint some of the cloth as most people seem to use a bright red that I really hate on Orcs in large numbers... And I based them of course. 

Glaurung, the troll, 12 Orcs, the Orc commander and the werewolf (weird Warhammer bits conversion) all painted from scratch by me. The rest courtesy of EBAY.

Thursday 12 December 2019

More Elves - First Unit of Archers

I'm cracking on at a fair old pace with the Elves. Finished the first unit of archers last night.
No conversions on these as there's nothing to be done and I couldn't be bothered trying to add bowstrings!

Two more units of these to paint. Boring old job but they come out ok when finished.

I'm pleased to say that I have met my Christmas deadline of 3 units plus a command base. I now have two more archer and one more spear unit, plus a hero, to paint before March when my Davale Miniatures Bloody Elves kickstarter will arrive to further swell the army. I also need some cavalry but not quite sure where I'm gonna source those yet as the kickstarter didn't make enough money to get cavalry and I don't much like the GW Rivendell ones. The Hobbit armoured cavalry are nice but bloody expensive... Still, they can wait.

I also have more evil models to paint, so will be tackling some of those shortly too. I hope to drag the whole painted collection out over the next day or so to take some 'action shots' for your delectation...

Anyway: Archer pics...

Friday 6 December 2019

Silmarillion Command Base - Elven Lord and Banner

...And we return to Beleriand, where recruitment continues...
May I present to you the Elf commander with his banner bearer? I realise that elements of this banner may point to Gil Galad (the stars) but this chap is intended to be an unnamed Elven lord who can see service in any of the wars of Beleriand or even the War of Sauron & The Elves or the Last Alliance (as I see fit.) 
Before anyone says anything, I am very aware that the sword and sword-hand are too big. I chopped off the ridiculous glaive and then went hunting for a plastic replacement as per my Elf swordsmen. However, none of my Numenorian or Gondor swords fit the bill so it had to be an Oathmark one and this one had the best angle for the arm position. It's less of an issue when viewed from a gaming angle at table-top distance than it is in the close-up photos. 
I'm pleased with the freehand on the Lord's shoulder-piece and the banner benefited from the extra yellow tails I added this week.