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Sunday 30 November 2014

WAB Day 2014 - IMPERATOR!!!

Last Sunday, the club held its annual WAB event. This year it was a step away from our usual Dark Ages games and into the earlier Roman era, with an approximate timeframe of 70BC to 70AD. We had two factions, nominally Eastern and Western, although it didn't work quite as geographically as we'd have liked and armies ranging from Late Republican Roman, EIR, Dacian, Armenian, Ptolemaic, Parthian, etc.

Overall, it was a great day, with the Western faction coming out overall winners despite a late surge by the Easteners in game 3.

I had probably my best ever WAB event, with two victories and one massacre of a defeat.

Interestingly, this event will probably be the last I'll play of WAB until the same time next year, as I am abandoning the rules for War and Conquest. This is for two reasons:

1. I am helping to write army lists for WaC, so need lots of play test time.
2. I've not really enjoyed playing it much lately, especially when out of the supplements and into Armies of Antiquity - those lists are just too 'tournament' for me  and, while most armies I fought last weekend were not 'gamey', I'm afraid that I have just lost interest in it. Using AoA has certainly taught me a thing or two about the WaC lists that I am writing and the need to steer players towards an historical list, rather than a 'game winning' one.

Anyway, here's some pics from last weekend.... First, some shots of my Late Republican Roman army...

Elite Legionaries with General and ASB

Legionaries and skirmishers

Gallic Cavalry - very old Foundry Gauls plus some more recent Foundry Germans. The Gauls were painted when WAB very first came out several years ago...

More legionaries. These had 12 hours work on them the day before to finish them in time. They had been painted using the 'dip and highlight' method although I applied 2 highlights to match them closer with the remainder of the army.

More legionaries

Various minis masquerading as armoured allied Greek Thureophoroi (peltasts)

Here's a few shots from the games, some that I was involved in, others I was not...

Firstly, the two faction leaders...yes...that'd be me in one of the silly hats...sigh...

Carlius Fisherum, leader of the East

Andrucius Hawesum, leader of the Western faction
Doubles games to start the day...

...And singles games later on...

All in all, a splendid day of gaming! Many thanks to all my allies and opponents throughout the day for varied and entertaining games.