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Tuesday 15 July 2014

New Painting

Just a quick update with some painting. These models have been painted for a couple of online 'competitions', one on Lead Adventure forum and one on The One Ring  .

Firstly two Foundry British Colonial officers from their Darkest Africa range that I will use with the Empress British infantry I painted for the NW Frontier a couple of years ago...

Next, my conversion of a LOTR Galadhrim guard. He has been painted as a High Elf elite spearman for my LOTR force which will eventually be used for Saga and a Fantasy version of Dux Brit (hopefully!) as well as games of LOTR with my son.

The three Last of the Mohicans characters just need their bases finishing and then I need to highlight up the other 5 Elves and a bunch of NW Frontier Sikhs that have been dipped. So, progress at last!! Gaming updates when I have a bit longer to write the text and upload some photos from my phone...