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Tuesday 15 May 2012

More Native American Woodland Indians for Muskets and Tomahawks

Here are the next two models for my 200pt warband. These are both (I think) Conquest models. I am really pleased with the way the warpaint turned out on these! They took longer per model than the last one due to a varnishing disaster - I had been using Revell matte clear paint as, unlike brush-on Testor's Dullcote, it hasn't got fumes that will kill you! Sadly, it had gone a bit 'gloopy', so I diluted it. That worked fine on the first model on the previous topic, but not these two...for some reason, they ended up with blobs of pure white 'pooled' into many of the recesses and also on top of some raised areas!! Aargh!!! So I had to rescue them, which took 2.5 hours!!!!! Anyway, luckily we had decent weather on Sunday, so I 'Dullcoted' them outside!!!

Anyway, the 'rescue' job was, I think, worth it, despite me now being at least one model behind schedule...
This first chap has face paint lifted straight from the Osprey book "North American Indians of the Great Lakes", specifically plate C, figure 3...

This next chap's warpaint is a bit of a mish-mash...looks cool though, I think!

Here is a picture of all three painted thus far, sneaking out of the woods to burn some poor settler's cabin...

Three more are on the painting table and I hope to post them soon. I watched 'Drums Along the Mohawk' on Saturday for inspiration and 'Last of the Mohicans' is next on my list...



Friday 4 May 2012

First Model for Muskets & Tomahawks

Well, here's the first Woodland Indian for my 200pt Indian warband for the rather super looking Muskets and Tomahawks, a game I hope I can use at the club once I have enough warbands painted.
He was painted using the dip and highlight approach. The black warpainted flesh, the breech clout and the ammo-bag all had an extra highlight (usually I just bung on a highlight with the basecoat colour...) as they needed that extra layer.

Woodland basing courtesy of Army Painter Wilderness Tufts and Poison Ivy and some clump foliage I had in my scenics box - I am trying to get less of a 'meadow' and more 'under the woodland canopy' effect!!

I like the overall painting and basing effect and he's taken about 2.5 hours to paint (that's SPEED painting for me!)

More of 'em to come over the next few weeks - there are 23 models in the warband altogether!!

Hope you like him!!