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Saturday, 22 January 2022

First Models for the Lion Rampant Wars of the Roses campaign at the club

First models painted for the upcoming Wars of the Roses campaign: The command stand - This is solely to indicate which unit my leader is in and will be superfluous to the actual number of models on the table, so utterly unnecessary, but it adds period flavour and looks cool.
So, may I introduce you to the lord of my forces - Sir Bernard De Liasmith, Earl of Matthews and Carrow, with his standard (the big one, indicating the lord's presence and position on the battlefield) and his banner (canary on a gold and green field.)
We are anticipating many defeats, an occasional shock victory and relegation at the end of the campaign!! 🤣🤣(Apologies to those who have no idea who Norwich City football club are and who don't get the references!)
Perry plastic models, painted using GW and Foundry paints, layered over a GW Leadbelcher undercoat. Banners hand drawn and hand painted.
Next up: the Men-at-Arms on foot...

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