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Sunday, 17 May 2020

Mythic Greek Update - Theseus, King of Athens

More progress on my Mythic Greek Dragon Rampant warband, or as I'm re-christening it, my 'Sword and Sandals' war band (I loved all those old Sword & Sandal movies when I was a kid...)
Here is the Crocodile Games Theseus miniature from their 2015 Athenian Kickstarter. Absolutely superb model! Loads of detail but not overwhelming when trying to paint him. In theory, the fur on his cloak should be brown as it's supposed to be bull-skin, but I did it grey because I thought it would fit better with the colour of his cloak. 
I've also posted a couple of pictures of him with Ariadne (Helen of Troy) and the Oracle, although in my war band he'll be accompanied by his Honour Guard and Herald in a unit of Elite Foot (all of whom are nearing completion on my painting table as I type this...)
I hope you like him. I really enjoyed painting him.

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