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Sunday, 24 May 2020

Caesarian Legionaries for Infamy Infamy by Too Fat Lardies

Caesarian Legionaries for Infamy Infamy. Foundry models (apart from one Centurion, who is Aventine) with Aventine shields (don't ask!) and LBM shield transfers. These were painted for WAB a few years ago and have been 'repurposed'.
The unit with plain shields will eventuallly be joined by another, although as the 4th picture shows, they can be placed within other units to give a more battle-worn look. As I need to use the 'Caesar in Gaul' base force due to the other models I have available, and as I have no unarmored legionary models, I need some way to differentiate the recruits from the normal legionaries. I'm thinking that the Wolf-shield chaps can be recruits entirely as they are while the Boar-shields or the Horse-shields can have some plain shields amongst them to show their more battle-worn appearance...

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