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Saturday, 21 August 2021

Dragon Rampant Warband - The Knights of the Celestial Tower Kitbash Part 2

Here are the rest of the units:

The Grand Mistress of the Celestial Tower. This is the Dominion boxset Yndrasta straight out of the box. What a killer model! She is accompanied by two Seraphim Paladin bodyguards. These are Prosecutor models with spears and shields from the Vindictors. You can get spear and shield armed Prosecutors but I fell foul of an EBAY deal where the 'on sprue' thing only meant the hammer-armed models not the entire sprue! Sigh... Anyway, I kept the original helmets on these and will paint the face plate as flesh, as I figured flyers would need a good field of vision on their helmets!! Reduced Model Unit of Elite Foot with Flyer. 

The Paladin Banner Guard. These are the Knight Vexillor and Praetors from the Dominion box set with the usual hornless Chaos helmets with Pallador plumes attached. The Knight Vexillor has had the banner removed as I want to do a handpainted paper one without Sigmarite stuff on it. Reduced Model Unit Elite Foot.

Celestial Spear Guardians. These are the Vindictors from the Dominion box set with hornless Chaos helmets. The leader has a Pallador plume attached. Reduced Model Unit Offensive Heavy Foot.

Knights Arcanum. These are the Annihilators from the Dominion box set with Vindictor spears and hornless Chaos helmets, plus the Knight Arcanum and Lord Imperant (plus Gryph Hound) from the Dominion box set. These are unconverted as they look excellent as they are. Reduced Model Unit Heavy Foot with Wizardling. 

The whole lot can create a 36pt war band which is standard size for me. 

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