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Monday, 7 May 2018

The Host of Angband (thus far) plus more Elf conversions

I've been busy with my 'Silmarils Rampant' project, both doing some more Elf conversions and painting some evil models. Here are the latest Elves, this time from Artizan Miniatures Romano British range. They fit the GW Galadhrim heads perfectly (so glad I didn't EBAY those Galadhrim Guards!)

I've also been working on the 'bad guys'. I've reworked some of the Orcs I did a few years back - the ones I bought off EBAY part painted and tidied up. I also bought some Uruk Hai similarly part-painted and tarted them up to be an Orc captain's bodyguard. 

I also dug out my old Mordheim Norse werewolf model converted from an old Warhammer Chaos Hound. 

I have also bought myself a fabulous wingless Firedrake from Mithril Miniatures as I wanted a Glaurung-esque dragon as a Greater Warbeast. This excellent model was painted with a colour scheme based on Tolkien's original sketch of Glaurung. I'm really pleased with how it came out. Here's the sketch...

...And here's my version...

And here's the whole lot thus far, including the troll I painted a few years back. I still need loads more Orcs (including some archers), some Warg Riders, 2 more trolls to make a unit of 3 (reduced model unit of offensive heavy foot) and I want to do a Balrog...

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The Wargames Table said...

Loving this project!