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Sunday, 4 December 2016


Well, I am pleased to report a gradual return of the painting mojo. No pictures today, but I can report that progress with the Oldhammer/Dragon Rampant 1980s Wood Elves is coming on rapidly! In the past three week, I have base coated and dipped:

12 Scarloc's Archers;
15 armoured Elf Spearmen
2 heroes, 1 of which is a cunning conversion
A classic treeman model

I am in the midst of base coating

12 more Scarloc's archers
The classic 1980s Elf attack chariot.

I have a load more left to base coat, including:

3 mages
12 more archers
12 swordsmen
12 classic unarmoured spearmen
6 Dryads

I also want to get 5 eagles on which I intend to mount some classic 80s Elf knights!! Trouble is, metal eagles cost a bloody fortune!!!!!!

The aim is to get as much of the stuff base coated and dipped as possible, so that I can then focus on highlighting. This is thus far working! I also intend to get cracking on some Elf cavalry, as I started those using the Dallimore technique and need to finish them the same way! This is challenging due to dodgy eyes, but I have done 2 already, plus the general and therefore I need to do 7 more to get a decent Warhammer unit. If I can do 4 more, I have enough for Dragon Rampant.

Anyway, pictures as soon as I have anything fully finished...hopefully at least a few archers before Christmas!!


Matt said...

Yay! I remember Skarloc's Wood Elf Archers. Used to have the boxed set back in the day. Look forward to seeing pics of yours. Glad you're getting back into painting mode! :o)

Springinsfeld said...

Glad the mojo has returned.How about using plastic toy eagles? Schleich make one, or there are probably some on ebay for a couple of quid.