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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Dip/Single Highlight Welsh cavalry

Here, in response to Matt, are some pics of my dipped models. The method is white undercoat, then bright flat basecoat colours (except armour/helmets, which is painted black before drybrushing with GW Boltgun Metal & Chainmail for mail. Helmets have Boltgun Metal painted onto the black.) Black areas, e.g horse manes, are highlighted in layers before applying dip.
The dip is lightly brushed on and left to dry at least 24 hours. Once dry, I use the original basecoat colours to add highlights, except helmets which are layered as normal. I then brush on GW gloss varnish followed by either Humbrol matt clear if working indoors in winter or I will use Dullcote brush on (cos I have loads to use up) in summer when working in the fresh air.

As you can see, some models work better than others. The following are Foundry Normans "11th Century Welsh-i-fied" for Saga. They work really well with this technique!

The following are Musketeer Goths. These are superb and suit this method brilliantly, as do the new GB horses! Bill from Musketeer is my fave sculptor now...he's gonna do early Byzantine cavalry soon and I won't be able to resist!!!

This is a West Wind Pict. He looks better in the flesh, actually...

This is Foundry Frankish/Goth cavalryman. He works ok with this method...

This is a GB Welshman on a Foundry horse. I don't like this model...It doesn't suit this method at all. Soapy definitely didn't get the Welsh as consistently brilliant as the Saxons, IMHO...

This is my favourite GB model...sadly, the mould must have been getting a bit shagged when I bought this one, as the detail is very shallow, so this method works less than brilliantly. Still a great model soldier though!

Here's one of Soapy's superb mtd combrogi from GB. This one works really well in this style...and yes, that's a Foundry horse he's on...I like to mix n match a bit!!!

All shields by LBM for quickness...

Let me know what you think. In ranked up units, the Musketeer models are brilliant done like this, some others less so. The method is about 33% of my normal painting time so that's 3 models finished in the time it'd normally take to do 1 and given the lack of painting time I get these days, that's a bonus!




Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

I think they look very nice indeed Andy! I agree Bill is tops my list now as well for 28mm!


Hendrid said...

The technique seems to work very well, nice looking figures indeed. Going to be trying out this shortly myself, just waiting for the order to arrive.

DeanM said...

Really nice work; inspiring as my local WAB crew are starting a Dark Ages campaign. Best, Dean

Anonymous said...

Nicely done that man :-) Yep I would agree base coat, dip and one highlight is great for getting those armies on the table.I use it a lot myself. its a good point of view when other players say 'Id love an historical army but they take too long to paint etc...'Thanks for posting.


Matt said...


Many thanks for taking the time to post up some many excellent pictures!

They'll prove a useful reference indeed. :o)

I think they look superb, though I agree with your point that some figures suit the dipped style better than others.

I'm currently in the process of dipping a small Saxon warband for Saga. Hope to get them done by the end of next week.

Thanks again.


Mike Whitaker said...

I tend to skip the one highlight at the end, but then... that's why yours look ridiculously better than mine :D

Mi7 said...

nice technique