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Sunday 20 March 2011

The Pine Wood Of Tevar in Wargames Illustrated!! (plus other news)

Hi All
Just a quick 'heads up' that a mahoosive (14 page!!!!) article of the Pine Wood of Tevar game, written by James Morris and featuring gazillions of lovely pics of our armies, should be appearing in the May issue of Wargames Illustrated. I have seen the proofs of the's really rather mega!!!!

In other news, painting has stopped in the Guitarheroandy household. I just can't get up any enthusiasm for it. This is largely due to work pressures, family stuff, band stuff and the fact that I am regularly attending wargames club for the first time in over a year. We are mostly playing the dark Age skirmish rule set called 'Pig Wars', which is fast, frantic, bloody and great fun - about as far removed from WAB as one can get in mechanics, but just as much fun. However, contrary to many of the WABbers out there, I am not stopping playing WAB in the light of all the new ancient sets coming out, or as a result of ForgeWorld's apparent lack of desire to bring out new supplements. In fact, I am attending an event in April (Fall of the West/Age of Arthur) and my wargames club is about to start a Late Roman Republic/early Empire campaign, so all is well and WABbing here in Peterborough at any rate!

I do hope to pick up a paintbrush again soon, but need some inspiration! I keep looking at my colonials, but it feels like a mountain to climb...and I still have more Arthurians I want to do, but somehow...well...can't be bothered!! At least my repetitive strain injury has massively improved, which means that I am physically able to paint should the muse decide to return!!

I hope to post some pics from the WAB Spring Open (if I remember to take a camera!) and will keep you posted on developments with painting should any occur!!

Thank you all for your patience and for continuing to look me up on here occasionally...




Matt said...


Glad the arm is better! Please do find the enthusiasm for painting a.s.a.p. You're work definitely provides excellent inspiration for the rest of us.



roma912 said...

I'll second Matt's comments about your work being inspiring. I often view your work with a mixture of both awe and envy. Hopefully your mojo will return soon.



Paul Leach said...

Looking forward to see Pine Wood in the May issue. Congratulations!

In the meantime, I hope you continue to heal. Looking forward to next painting projects - always inspiring.