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Saturday 15 August 2009

El Cid Army Update

Tomorrow, I go to Newark for a 'Morris and Jones' event set in the Age of El Cid. Consequently, I have been painting like a maniac to finish 1600pts of Spanish!!

Here are some pics of the Andalusian allied cavalry and some foot archers...

The Peones are currently on the varnishing table, with gloss varnish drying and awaiting Dullcote... If I have time I'll add them later. If not, it'll be next week!


Paul Leach said...

Very impressive, Andy. I don't see how you do the script-work on the shield and sleeves. Good luck on the tabletop!

Sire Godefroy said...

Stunning work, as usual. Love the glooming colours of your Andalusians - plain great! Besides, Good luck for the event.


Matt said...

Yet more amazing painting! I particularly like the colour palette chosen for these figures, warm and bright. I really like the way you paint horses too. The shields and banners are also splendid.

Well done.



Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Wonderful painting Andy as usual.Excellent freehand work.