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Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Converted West Wind Arthurian cavalry

The pic above is of the Mounted Picts, on stock horses from the pack, but with assorted round shields replacing the Pictish ones, and with Romano-British heads as I wanted these chaps to represent Northern Welsh (Gododdin, Strathclyde, Rheged, etc) from the late 6th/7th century. Nice, clean castings, good poses and a doddle to paint!!!

The following are the first three Romano-British cavalry figures. The first has a Saxon helmeted head, as they are meant to be 6th/7th century and therefore not so 'Roman' looking. Note the javelins (including the extra one in the shield hand on two models.) The shields are old First Corps Republican Roman Velites shields..perfect size for these cavalry models!!!!

The horses are from Foundry's Greek range and are extensively converted with Greenstuff leather straps and brass decorations, enhanced flowing manes and additional saddle-blanket sculpting. I like the effect. The horses really fit the poses of the models (very 'Welsh' with the javelin throwing poses) and I am looking forward to painting the others, some of whom also have converted Foundry horses, others who have Artizan horses sculpted by Ebob... watch this space!!!


WABit said...

Fantastic stuff Andy. The Foundry horses go well with the West Wind mini's.



GuitarheroAndy said...

If only the West Wind Romano Brit horses were as good as some of the Pict ones they do (I say some, as one pose looks less like a horse than some evil mutoid 'thing'...)

Dave said...

yummy those are dirty little minxes!

Top stuff.