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Thursday, 14 June 2007

Still painting...and stuff about my army for 'Stuggle for the North'

Just under two weeks to go until the 'Struggle for the North' in Newark and that second unit of light cavalry is coming on rather well. I must say that the new Picts from West Wind are rather nice...the horses are smaller than the carthorses that the Romano-Brit models come with and are nicely sculpted and posed. The riders are cool too. As they come wearing a tunic, a belt and a pair of shoes, they aren't rocket-sclence to paint, which is a relief!!! I reckon that I'll have them done by next Friday ready for varnishing on the Saturday and gaming on the Sunday!!!

Basically, the army will look something like this:

8 mounted Teulu accompanied by Rex and Uchelwyr ASB
8 mounted combrogi accompanied by a tiern
9 mounted combrogi
24 foot combrogi
23 foot combrogi accompanied by an uchelwyr
15 foot combrogi
9 pagenses

As you can see, I've gone for a cavalry-heavy force... I may need to drop a foot model somewhere, as I'd quite like to use 'finest horses' with the Rex along with his free 'mounted raider' (which the Tiern can also have...) As everybody is either light infantry or light cavalry, there'll need to be some 'ducking and weaving' to get a result, hence 2 units having 'mtd raider'...No idea how it'll work, but I'm quite excited at the prospect!!!
I'll be trying it out against a Saxon horde in few days time...we may try the Battle of Chester scenario because it sounds fun...


WABit said...

Enjoy the weekend of gaming Andy (Oh, and good luck to you). I really wish I could have made it, but I guess I'll see you at Hot Lead :o)


Bill T said...

It will be interesting to see how your cav do against infantry heavy forces. I'll look forward to the AAR! :o)