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Saturday, 23 June 2007

Winning Streak....

Well, I took that Northen British variant to the club on Tuedsay and played against my mate Phil who is a DEMON wargamer!! He took a Saxon horde (using a variety of borrowed Vikings, etc, as he's a dyed-in-the-wool classical era player) which included something like:
18 Gedriht
3 x 19 Duguth each led by a Thegn
1 x 15 Geoguth
2 x 10 slingers

We played a straightforward pitched battle and Phil basically adopted 'panzer' tactics, rushing everything across the board to negate my cavalry superiority. I charged him with everything and the game then settled down to several turns of slogging, before each broke the other's right flank.

The game ended with my all surviving units (all my cavalry, his Gedriht and one unit of Duguth) breaking into skirmish formation . I managed to trap the Duguth between all 3 cavalry units and destroyed them in the final turn, giving me the close-run victory. So, against an all-infantry army, I did ok... (not sure if it'll always be like that though Bill...I share your concerns!!)

I feel that I played it well, although I had more dice luck than usual. Also, Phil may be a demon player with Macedonians or Carthaginians, but by his own admission, it all goes wrong when he tries to use barbarian type armies....still, any victory against Phil is rare indeed, so I'll just be happy that I won!!!

So, I now have 3 wins and a draw out of 5 games.... Looking good, although I fear that my opponents tomorrow may well be better versed in using Saxons, etc and that I may not end up quite as successful....Still, we'll have to see! I'll let you know how it goes.

Oh, and I'll post some pics of my latest light cavalry too...can't post today as the missus has just headed off for her hen weekend (we get married in 5 weeks time) and she's nicked the camera for that!!!!!

Hope to borrow a mate's camera for the event tomorrow, so I may have some pics of that as well...

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Bill T said...

Well it's good to see that the cavalry was useful. It would be nice to see some pics of these battles of yours Andy if your able. Always love a good battle report with pretty pictures :o)