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Sunday, 8 March 2020

Mablung's Bodyguard

Busy time at work and a nasty back injury have resulted in less work on my Elves than I'd have liked, but I have now completed Mablung's bodyguard unit. They'll be Elite Foot in Dragon Rampant. Mablung himself will be worth 3 strength points and each of his guards will be worth 1, so a 4 model unit can equate to full 6 strength points the unit needs. I do this a lot with hero units. I now only have 5 axe-armed Elves to build and the whole Doriath force will be complete and ready for painting...

Saturday, 29 February 2020

More Sindar Warriors

Busy evening finishing the building of the last 7 models in the Offensive Heavy Foot unit. Usual mix of stuff. I'm really pleased with these. The unit is going to look immense! 
I need to order a new Roman sprue now as I've run out of heads and need to do 9 more axemen. The archers and Beleg's bodyguard are all GW LoTR range - the former are Lothlorien Archers and the latter are Rangers of the North models. They fit in pretty well actually even though they're a little smaller. I'll take some pics of those once they are painted as most will be unconverted. 
Anyway, here are those sword/spearmen...

Thursday, 27 February 2020

Sindar Warriors

Busy evening building and converting more Sindar. The first 5 of a unit of 12 offensive heavy foot. They are the usual mix of Victrix Saxons and Romans plus some Greenstuff and Oathmark Elf helmet plumes. I am a tad concerned about the spears on these... Am debating replacing them with steel ones, but it won't be easy...

Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Mablung of the Heavy Hand - Sindar Hero

I've been a bit quiet the last couple of weeks - my mojo stalled a bit with the thought of building the next 20 or so Sindar, but I'm back on it today. Here's Mablung of the Heavy Hand, chief among Thingol's Thanes. The usual mixture of Victrix Anglo-Saxons, Republican Romans and Greenstuff. I'm pleased with this fella. He looks like he means business! He'll have some of the axemen I posted a while back as his bodyguard as an Elite Foot unit in my Dragon Rampant Sindar army...

Sunday, 9 February 2020

Sindar Kingsguard

I've been busy with the Greenstuff again last night... Here are the Sindar of Thingol's Kingsguard. They'll be included in a unit with the king's command base - it'll be a reduced model unit of Elite Foot in Dragon Rampant. Victrix Anglo-Saxon bodies, helmet tops and shields, plus Victrix Republican Roman lower head. 

I'm pleased with these. If you saw my sketch of my vision of 1st Age Elves a few weeks back, you'll recognise how close I'm getting to that with these models. A unit of Offensive Heavy Foot next, armed with spears, swords and shields...

Saturday, 8 February 2020

Beleg Strongbow Conversion

I've been a bit quiet lately but haven't been idle. I've been doing lots of glueing together of Victrix Anglo-Saxons to convert to Sindar and it's still going on. However, I thought I'd show you a couple of pictures of my conversion of Beleg Strongbow, chief of the Doriath March-Wardens as I finished making him today. 
He's made from a warrior from the Anglo-Saxon command frame with Oathmark bow arm and quiver and a particularly decorative Republican Roman helmet that I simply altered by adding a long horse-tail style plume. 
I've given him an Elven horn for a Dragon Rampant scenario I'm working on, of which more will be revealed soon(ish). 
The stroke of luck with this model was that this particular cloak comes with a separate fur collar which I decided I didn't want to use, but it left a gaping hole where the brooch would be. However, on the Oathmark sprue, there are little circular bits of waste sprue on the standard that need removing and they are exactly the right size to be the brooch on here! I love it when happy little accidents like that happen!!

Saturday, 25 January 2020

More Work on the Sindar...

Bit more work on the Sindar and their captain. Added some long hair on both and smoothed out the bases on the axemen. 
I know it's a kinda 'Warhammer' or 'Movie' thing, but I do think long hair adds a more 'Elven' feel to these chaps... It also disguises the neck joins on some of them, which were a little clumsy looking. Gonna undercoat them tomorrow and start getting some paint on them. Still not sure on the colour scheme. I don't particularly want a typical Wood Elf green scheme but I want to avoid them looking too 'High Elf' either. I'm thinking a pale greyish blue cloak, with pale grey tunics (with contrasting cuff and hem trim) and leggings in greyish greens, various browns, etc...