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Tuesday, 5 June 2007


Just replayed that Roman Rd scenario as the defender against Carl's late Romans and got a right royal hammering... As I already knew, combrogi bounce off pedes with full kit who are armed with heavy throwing spears!!!

Luckily, my Teulu stepped in and salvaged 924 very welcome victory points, otherwise it would have been very embarassing!!! I still can't believe how good those guys are!!!!!

Am not at all sure how I'll play that scenario at Hot Lead if I get to do it as the defender, as it is a real pig...but still great fun.

On another note, am now painting extra cavalry ready for the Struggle for the North campaign run by Morris & Jones...have decided that if one is to play at Rheged or Gododdin, one might as well follow the heroic poetry and go with lots of chaps on horses...have no idea how it'll go as I've still not managed to get a practice game in and the event is only 3 weeks away. And my entirely light infantry and cavalry force is likely to face nasty Heptarchy Saxons in bloomin' shieldwall with nasty thrusting spears....and Picts armed equally unpleasantly...Oh well, I may have to just go with the flow and hope that 'captain cock-up' decides not to come out to play that day!!!!!!!

I'll let you know how it goes!

PS have painted the first of the (converted) West Wind Romano-British cavalry that will eventually be my Rheged Teulu (although probably not in time for the above event.) It looks great...will post a pic at the weekend....

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