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Sunday, 1 July 2007

Where do the weekends go?

Well, it's midday on Sunday and I haven't done ANY of my weekend jobs yet... Well, that's not strictly true as me and my s'ignificant other' collected our wedding rings yesterday from Birmingham (can it only be 4 weeks til the 'big day?' Blimey...that's come round quick!) which entailed a whole day out as it's a 2hr drive from here. Still, the garden remains a's hard to time it right, trying to nip out to cut an already over-long and very damp lawn in between the deluges...sigh.....

On a wargaming note, managed a 'bloody stand off' against Grahame's Romano Brits on Tuesday evening. We did that 'capture the bridge and ford' scenario (can't recall what it's actually called) from the Age of Arthur and I managed to capture the ford and rout his entire left flank, while he captured the bridge on my left. All I actually lost was one unit of light cavalry and skirmishers, while I pretty much destroyed all his cavalry (2 light and one commanipluares light cavalryman stood heroically on the bridge at the end), his Saxon Geoguth allies and all his skirmishers. I couldn't dent his shieldwalls of Pedyt though, although another couple of turns might have done it, as I had his re-arranged battle-line nicely flanked at the he granted me a gracious 'moral victory' despite the scenario's actual result. They are playing a NW Frontier game at the club this week which I can't get to cos of the sig. other's birthday...Bum!!

Anyway, I did finally manage to complete the 'chopping, glueing and greenstuff-ing' phase of my conversion of a foot variant of my Welsh Lord. I've actually made him from 3 different Gripping Beast models, with a Foundry shield and he looks the 'mutt's floppsy danglers' to put it..err...strangely!!!!

Anyway, weather permitting, I hope to undercoat him this afternoon and make a start on painting him alongside the 9 sling-armed pagenses that I picked up last weekend, as I have decided that I need them for my British kingdoms army for Hot Lead. I also plan to start work on a couple of foot Teulu models...more conversions, this time using West Wind armoured Saxon and Pict Command bodies with Romano-Brit cavalry Helmeted and Saxon Helmeted heads and, in two cases, Artizan Carolingian arms with BIG swords in hand... (I had the 'Charlemagne' pack and have nicked the horses and the mailed officer for my Teulu, so Charlemagne's and the other chap's sword arms are being 'borrowed' for two front rankers in the foot Teulu..they now look awesomely hard, even before the paint has gone on!!!)

It's gonna be a busy week, what with sig other's birthday, the Peterborough Children's film awards (yes, honestly, our Primary school kids are making short animated movies as part of their literacy studies and we have an 'Oscar-type' ceremony on Thursday...last year's was brill..) and my dad's pending 80th birthday, for which I have lots to do...AND bloody work-related stuff, which is always a right pain in the arse and really gets in the way of painting... So I don't know if I'll get much painting done. Will post pics of Welsh lord as soon as I've got him finished..and must remember to send pics to Darren Beast as well...but it may be a while!! to Sainsbury's now and after that, the museum, where there is a 'real' king Arthur and Robin Hood on hand today as part of our 'Myths and Legends' themed Peterborough Festival..Could be interesting....

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