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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Dux Britanniarum -The Annals of Linnius: Prologue

"These words are a true and lasting record of the events from this day forward in the kingdom of Linnius.  I, Publicus Librarius, chief scribe and loyal servant of Mascuidius, Overlord of Linnius, take it upon myself to record the events of this time, for I fear that we may be setting out on a long and painful journey into the darkness, like so many of our fellow Britons since the legions of Rome departed many years ago. These words must serve as a light in times of future darkness, so that men may know that we fought to preserve what is ours and that this land comes at a price to those who would take it from us.

It is now early spring in the 472nd year after the birth of our Lord and Blessed Saviour, Jesus Christ, and the world that we know and have known for many generations is changed. In recent weeks, portents of doom have struck our small kingdom. Farms lying nearest to the coast of the Saxon Sea have been burned, the families cruelly slaughtered, cattle and other goods stolen. Dark-sailed ships have been seen prowling the coasts in greater numbers than ever before. Sea-born trade from the kingdoms of Aegidius and Syagrius in Gaul, from the lands of the Bretons and from the kingdoms of the Visigoths and Franks has slowed and all communication from the officials of what remains of the Empire of the West has ceased.

From this, we must deduce that the dreaded heathen Saex have, at last, come to our lands, seeking to steal them from us, to enslave our people and to extinguish the light of civilization from our world. From whence they come, we know not. Some say these are raiders from the Anglian lands to the North, where the land of Deira is held by the Angles and that they come via the great Northern river called the Humber. Others say that the raiders come from across the Saxon Sea where warlords compete for land, power and glory and see in us the chance for that glory...

Whichever is the true fact is not important. The fact remains that the Saex are come to our world and that we must prepare for a long, hard fight.

Our forces are prepared. The Tribune, Lord Andrucius prepares the army and  has sent out the call for the local militia to take up arms and prepare to defend their homes. Whoever they are, these Saex need to know that the kingdom of Linnius will not descend into the darkness without a fight..."


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Splendid stuff indeed. Look forward to reading more.

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