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Friday, 7 September 2012

Dux Bellorum bases have arrived!

You have to hand it to Martin and Diane at Warbases...they don't hang about and they do GREAT stuff!! I emailed them last weekend about doing me some sabot bases to use my Arthurians with Dan Mersey's 'Dux Bellorum' rules and, within a few hours, I had a quote. Mere days later, I have my bases! Excellent service and quality product once again!! Please use them for your basing requirements and do feel free to tell them I sent you!! :-)

Anyway, I now have enough bases to do either a Romano-British or a Welsh army...all the more reason to get that Welsh noble cavalry finished!!.

I designed the bases myself and sent Martin a drawing for each type of base I required. These are attached below. If any of you want them to order yourselves some, please email me and I'll zip the files to you (Microsoft Publisher or PDF).
Each base is 120mm x 80mm and, when we game, we are going to equate one vase-width (the standard rules measurement distance) as 4", so if something has a move of 2 base widths in the rules, we'll simply multiply 4" by 2... This means we can use decent numbers of models in our armies (I can't stand those DBwotsit armies with about 10 figurse in the entire force!) and play on a standard club 6x4 foot table. Thanks to Steve Jones, whose idea we are shamelesly stealing!!!

This weekend, it's all about sticking on the sand and static grass ready for a game in a couple of weeks. Watch this space for a battle report and pics!!

Of course, the fact that the skirmisher and cavalry bases have four models each is also very handy for Dux Britanniarum too, as those are the unit sizes for cavalry and skirmishers...handy that!!!


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Matt said...

Like the basing ideas! Allows for plenty of scenic enhancement of the bases. Then add your spiffing figures ... lovely!

I'd second Andy's comments about Warbases. Excellent, fast and friendly service, plus a top notch product. If they don't already do it then ask.