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Tuesday, 22 May 2007


Sorry...please excuse the over-enthusiastic fanfare leading this message...but I've only gone and completed the painting of 1500 points of British Kingdoms..... I know.... Unbe-flamin'-lieveable innit?!! (In the immortal words of Age of Arthur co-author Steve Jones, "About bloody time!" and I can't argue with him really!)

Anyway, I finally applied the last blob of static grass at 10.30pm on Monday evening after a frenzied weekend of paint-slapping....well, I have a game this evening and wanted to play with all painted toys...although, note to self, be careful...not varnished yet!!!!!

I shall be taking some full army and finished unit pics over the next few days and will post highlights both here and on the WAB forum.

To be honest though, it's not QUITE as much of a celebration as it could be, as I don't think that my list is a great gaming list...I could use a second unit of skirmishers, so I'll be doing those over the next week or so, but even so...after almost 16 months of painting it is GREAT to have at least something resembling an army painted!

Anyway, must get on...bloody hot water/heating system failed over the weekend and this morning is to be spent working from home so I can phone innumerable heating engineers to get a repair quote...sigh......!!!!!


Dave said...

Nice work, now u need another!!!

In fact stop messing about & start 3

Send credit card details to mr G Beast in evesham & relax

well done

Soapy said...

Looking forward to seeing them all done. Well I say done....

Are armies ever 'done'

Stay lucky,