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Wednesday, 9 May 2007

My God! I've made it at last!!!

It's true you know! I discovered yesterday that the great Dave Woodward of figure painting and blog fame, has put a link to my blog on his own blog and referred to my stuff as 'eye candy'. Cheers Dave!! Glad you like my humble efforts! Dave's blog is here:
In that particular post, he also talks about West Wind models and as I've painted a few I thought I'd share my views on them. I think that they are very nice models. Well sculpted and neatly cast, with good, dynamic poses. The separate heads are a God-send as the variety is so much enhanced. I still think that Soapy's new stuff for Gripping Beast has the edge in foot figures for the Arthur period, but West Wind's Romano-British cavalry do it for me. The riders are superb, especially if you combine the best heads from the Romano-British cavalry head pack with the least barbaric looking heads from the helmeted Saxon head pack. They then look superb and very much suit the later 6th/7th century Northern British kingdoms (Rheged and Strathclyde, Gododdin etc) as the poses are dynamic and are pretty much all 'overarm javelin throwing' which is bang on for that later period. Sadly, the horses are brilliantly sculpted, but too big! I've solved it by mounting them on a variety of Foundry, Arizan and Gripping Beast horses and that works well. Sadly, you'll have to wait a while for pics, because I can't start them until I've got a full 1500pts painted up and I've painted a dismounted Teulu (bodyguard unit, for the uninitiated.) I may paint up one as a taster if you are very very lucky (and if I get bored painting yet more bl**dy spearmen!!) Also, West Wind do some lovely vignette packs, with the 'burning a druid at the stake' being my current pick of the bunch. Seriously, if you are building either a Romano-British or Saxon army, check these guys out as the figures do mix well with other classic ranges out there!
However, you should also check out Musketeer miniatures Saxons, as they are the BEST Saxon models so far (still waiting for the new Gripping Beast of course, but in the meantime...)

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