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Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Gaming Table

I've just made a new gaming table for WAB. It consists of 4 sheets of 3 x 2 foot MDF. I glued on lots of patio sand in patches (with neat PVA) then when dry, painted the whole lot with dark brown wall emulsion. Once dry, I drybrushed (using a Games Workshop tank brush) the sand with 2 lighter shades of emulsion using tester pots... Then I sealed the lot with diluted PVA, 1PVA : 5 water.

The next step was to dilute PVA 50:50 and stick on LOTs of Hoch Static Grass. Once the excess had been removed, I varnished them with two coats of Plastikote Satin polyurethane varnish...Et voila...

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