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Thursday, 28 November 2019

Meanwhile back in Beleriand... Elf Spearmen

So I finished my first unit of Elf spearmen. They weren’t easy to work with. As per my recently finished swordsmen, I wanted to convert the original models. There were two reasons for this; the first one is that the GW/movie Elf spearmen carry a weapon more akin to a Japanese naginata than a typical spear. These look more like a ‘cut and thrust’ weapon that would be used two-handed rather than used with the shield that these Elves carry. Also, as I’d replaced the glaives with broadswords on my swordsmen, I wanted a look that tied in with them. 

The second reason is that these models are Finecast – a more badly named material I can’t possibly imagine! The spears that came with the set (I got them from EBAY) were all either bent or broken and it certainly wasn’t due to the seller packing them poorly. Apparently if they are bent, one can straighten them under hot water! Now given that these models cost £4 each if bought new, that’s a bit crap! Pay £4 for a model - oh and by the way you have to straighten its spear! Also, they are prone to miscast. One of mine has a miscast helmet. Not acceptable really… Maybe these were early ones, as when GW first produced Finecast, there were numerous issues with it. Anyway, luckily, the material is easy to cut so replacing the spears was relatively easy. There were also numerous bits of flash everywhere. I did manage to clean them up pretty well, but not perfectly.

Anyway, despite the issues with the material, they painted up well in the end. I’m really pleased with the way the colour scheme works on these. I like the Foundry Union Blue Light which I used for the background to the shield. It goes well with the overall scheme but being darker than the other blues just provides a nice contrast. I have one more unit of these to paint, half of which are the old metal ones which, while having fewer casting issues, were a lot harder to convert. However, next up will be the first of three units of archers. 

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