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Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Andy Does Game of Thrones

It had to happen eventually. Despite only having read 1.75 of the books and seen only series one of the TV show, I'm doing Game of Thrones! I blame Rob at our club, as he's done a Lion/Dragon Rampant variant called Direwolf Rampant and is running a campaign. Needless to say, I was in!!

So, which faction? Well, I was gonna go Stannis Baratheon because the gold background and red flaming heart/black stag motif is immensely cool. However, I didn't fancy painting that onto loads of shields and horse furniture, so went for The Knights of the Vale instead, as I knew I could use some decals from Veni Vidi Vici to do that.

Now, which models? Having been amazed, inspired and terrified by some of the excellent mash-ups of Perry, Fireforge and Gripping Beast plastics on Lead Adventure, I decided to do something different. I always liked the look of the knights inn the 80s movie 'Excalibur' so that was where I was going. I bought a load of 5th Edition WFB Bretonnians off Rob, but they looked too 'French 100 years war' so I kept the horses and scoured EBAY. Luckily, I found a chap selling some Empire plastic knights that he had customised with Chaos helmet heads (minus all the horns, etc) and they looked fab, were cheap and could easily be repainted. Kerching! Purchased.

So, with the addition of High Elf helmet plumes and Gripping beast shields, plus hand-painted paper banner and lance pennons, here are the first of those Empire/Chaos riders on the Bretonnian steeds. This is the leader unit for a small force taken from the garrison of the Gates of the Moon, which is held by the Royce family. So these knights have Ser Nestor Royce's gold and purple colours mixed in with the blue and white of House Arryn of the Vale. I'm really pleased with these as they contain two of my least favourite things to paint: Tons of flat cloth and plate armour! Luckily, my usual 'base coat, dip, Dullcote, multiple highlights' approach worked like a charm!!

More knights to come plus some old GW models for the infantry...


The Wargames Table said...

They've come up a treat! The highlighting on the horses' caparison (I think that's what it's called?) is superb and will be duly copied :o)

MichaƂ Kucharski said...

What a awesome miniatures sir!