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Monday, 16 November 2015

The Men Who Would Be Kings at Peterborough's Hereward Wargame Show

Please forgive the lateness of this post - it's been a fortnight since the show!!

Here are some pictures from the demo/participation game that Andy MacTaggart and I put on at the first ever Hereward Wargame Show in Peterborough on 1st November.

The scenario involved a standard 24pt field force of British infantry having just burned a rebellious Jalfrezi Pathan tribal village (sorry...very carry On Up The Khyber, I know!!), withdrawing back to their camp while being assailed by a 24pt Pathan force, supported by about 20 pts of reinforcements that entered the table in random places. To help the British, a 20pt relief force left the camp as soon as firing broke out or the 'hills came alive' with tribesmen. We played the game twice on the day with one British and one Pathan victory.

We took great care over the table set up, using new gaming mats from Deep Cut Studios, as sold by Bigredbat Simon Miller in his online store. We were very pleased with both the layout and the scenario and most of the players who joined us on the day were full of praise for the rules and indeed seemed to thoroughly enjoy the games.

Anyway, on to the pictures...

Am just putting some paint on a lovely desert fort I bought at the show for my NW Frontier games. It's meant to be a French Foreign Legion fort, but it'll be great for my games! After that, it's more painting for Dragon Rampant...


commissarmoody said...

Very nice, So I am counting 12 figs in a unit. Will 12 and 6 still be the unit sizes? Or are some if the foot hordes be in bigger units?

GuitarheroAndy said...

Thank you! :-)

Units of regular/irregular infantry (the latter includes any 'shooting oriented' tribesmen such as Pathan riflemen or Apaches, etc as well as Boers, etc) are 12 strong.

Tribal foot (i.e. Zulus, Beja, Pathan swordsmen) are 16 strong.

Regular/Irregular cavalry should be 8 strong but I only had time to paint 6, so reduced the units points cost by 2. I think tribal cavalry should be 10 strong if memory serves me right.

Units can be slightly smaller, but the sizes above seem to work very well.

Kaspar Olesen said...

Hi Andy,

Your blog and entries to has really sparked my interest in this. Based on your comments that the rules are similar to Lion Rampant I went out and bought those rules.

Since I was too late in getting to playtest The Men Who Would Be Kings rules, I have decided that I will try and tweak LR to the best of my ability.

Being Danish and not having done colonial before my knowledge of the North West Frontier is fairly limited - I plan to do something about this, so any kind of information about the rules and what you have added/subtracted to get the North West Frontier feel will be very much appreciated.


Gordon Richards said...

Brilliant. Really can't wait for these rules to come out!

Matt said...

Andy, that's a superb looking game! The colours are warm, complimentary and very pleasing to the eye. The figures and scenery are ace too. Worth waiting for.
Cheers, Matt

GuitarheroAndy said...

Thanks chaps!! Kaspar - send me a PM on lead adventure and i'll give you what information I can. Obviously i am limited in what I can say about the rules, but I can point you in the direction of some good books about the NW Frontier in the 1870s to 1890s.