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Sunday, 29 November 2015

British Fort for the NW Frontier

I picked up a superb little model fort from Colonel Bill's at the Hereward Wargame Show! I'd been looking for one for a while, kinda a bit like these...only smaller, obviously.

Luckily, Colonel Bill had one of the Unfeasibly French Foreign Legion desert forts left when I took a break from my demo game at the show and it was PERFECT for the job!!

Anyway, I've painted it up and aim to use it tomorrow in a TMWWBK participation game at the club.

Here's a few pics of the finished model, defended by The Guides Infantry...


Phil said...

Awesome, this fort looks great, love the last picture...

Gordon Richards said...

That fort has been on the wishlist for a really does look superb!

Matt said...

Andy!! That is absolutely belting!
Lovely painting. I didn't realise Col Bill did these.

Bedford said...

It's a lovely little fort and I myself intend to buy one. When I remember! I had the opportunity yesterday but forgot! Doh! :>)


Mark Lowther said...

Hi Andy
Great to see you like the fort & great paint job. The fort is based on a real fort built by the French Foreign Legion at Bou-Denib. However it makes for a great blockhaus for almost any colonial setting due to its simple construction. It's part of the Exotic Adventures range by Unfeasibly.
Mark @ Unfeasibly

Dalauppror said...

Stunning !!!