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Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Losing....and regaining....the joy....

Ok...I admit it!! I'm jaded...I lost the joy!! 3 solid years of painting Dark-Age/Early Medieval minis have taken their toll. That and running an Arthurain campaign at my club, where I experienced first hand both the best and worst of wargamers and their approach to gaming and to the humble efforts of others have just beaten me into submission!!

I haven't played a game since August (the fabulous El Cid campaign day at Newark) and I think it's actually a good thing. I've had time to stop, to read, play a bit of guitar, watch some cool DVDs and TV (Spooks...bloody marvellous programme!) and I experimented with the Army Painter dip as you saw on my last post.

So, what now? Well, I decided I really ought to pick up a brush again and paint something 'properly'. But I took one look at those half complete Welsh cavalry and El Cid minis and couldn't face them. So, you know what? I pickled up the Empress minis Zulu War Brits that I raved about last post and had a look at them. I filed off the gaiters, green-stuffed them a bit and then undercoated black. And slowly, I started to paint... And I got out my undercoated, but thus far unpainted Mordheim Norse warband and started the Jarl...

And you know what?? I'm starting to enjoy it!!! I'm not back up to speed by a long shot, but slowly, ever so slowly, the joy is returning!!! I've begun to put my thoughts in gear for my LOTOW adaptation for Colonial gaming and have bought the excellent new skirmish rules 'Triumph and Tragedy' and am eagerly awaiting their new Colonial supplement.

So, what does it all look like? Well, here are the first two Brits.... Next up, some rank and file Brits and that Jarl...


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Hello Andy,

Without a doubt it helps to bounce around to keep the motivation going.
I tend to work on three projects at a time as this gives me the freedom to paint whatever the mood brings.
Only time I put my nose to the grindstone is if I have a project due for an event.
Those Empress mini's are very nice,I just wish they would do a different range of mini's.
Best of luck!


Paul Leach said...

When it's time to take a break - it's time to take a break. When the painting seems more like a task than fun, I have to put the brushes down.
Running and hosting games can also be quite tiresome after awhile. Good luck on the new projects.


Sire Godefroy said...

As the others said, what goes around comes around. Never to worry. ;)
I'm happy to see you restarting again, your blog and the items shown here have been an inspiration for me - and others as well, I presume.

Good luck, anyway!

Matt said...

Good to see you're painting again old bean! Get back on that horse - some of us depend upon you to provide inspiration!

Happy painting.


Dave said...

Good to see you back producing such fine stuff Mr Geetar.

Secundus said...

Amazing painting, I like the way you do your horses, very realistic eyes amongst other things.

Duncan in Berlin said...

Hi Andy

Just found your blog while seeking some inspiration...should I do some work - or should I finish my Dervish Army!! Derrrrrrrrrrrrr!!

Great painting - simply fantastic.