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Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Pathans (Thank Goodness for Dip!!!)

Hi All
Here are the first Pathans for my 'Legends of the Old West Alamo' adaptation set on the NW Frontier of India in the last quarter of the 19th Century. The models are by Old Glory (one of the best ranges they actually do!) and Castaway Arts. 6 models were painted about 5 years ago 'properly' and the rest have been painted with neat basecoat colours over either a white or off-white undercoat, metallics were washed witha 50/50 mix of black ink and water and then the models had a good brushed-on coat of 'Army Painter Strong Tone' dip. This has been followed up by a good blast of Testor's Dullcote.
The secret is to be REALLY neat with the basecoats and to choose the colours carefully!!

Photos were taken on the 'rockery' area at the back of my garden...perfect NW Frontier terrain!!!
I haven't painted the banner yet...

Basically, there will be three types of Pathan warrior in my rule set: Fighters, marksmen and Ghazi fanatics. They will be led by the following heroes: Senior Mullah (priest/war leader); Mullah (priest) and Malik (Tribal headman). Here you can see a unit of fighters supported by a unit of marksmen, led by a Malik. I have decided that all my marksmen models will be the Old Glory 'kneeling' poses for ease of differentiation on the tabletop.

Next up, 12 more fighters followed by a unit of Ghurka Riflemen for the Brits....


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Like I said on WAB Andy,you achieved some quite nice results and when you compare time saved and the quality still coming out nice you have to smile.
I'm itching to give it try and see what happens!


Carl said...

Well - when will we see them down the club?

Paul Leach said...

Nice looking figs, Andy. Looking forward to seeing more - plus the painting advice is always good to read.


GuitarheroAndy said...

Carl: I'll get them down to the club when I've enough to put on a small multiplayer game. For that I need 3 companies of Brit infantry (36 figs), a squadron of cavalry (6 figs) and a mountain gun and somewhere in the region of 100 Pathans (one 'recycles' Pathans to avoid the usual Colonial issue of needing zillions to be shot up by the Brits!!)Early in the new year is the earliest likely date...