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Friday, 1 May 2009

Delays, Illness and Misery...

Hi All
For those awaiting news of Bretwalda Round 4 or indeed some newly painted figs, apologies. I have been laid low for the past couple of weeks with, first, a stinking cold, next, a throat infection, and now, (hopefully finally) an ear infection which has resulted in a perforated eardrum (OUCH!!!!!). Consequently, all is not well chez GeetarheroAndy!!! :-(

As a result, Round 4 of our Bretwalda Arthurian campaign will take place in two weeks time, and, once the dizziness resulting from the mangled eardrum has subsided, painting of my El Cid Christian jinetes will commence, as I am determined to get 1500pts of 'em onto the table , hopefully by July for the 'Hot Lead' gaming day at Gripping Beast - a tall order when you consider that I still have to paint about 30 infantry and 16 cavalry!!!!

Wish me luck...



Dave said...

Could be swine flu.....are u covered in rashers? Maybe u need some oinkment? Try the NHS Helpline, I did but all I got was crackling.......

fankoo, fankoo, appearing here all week, some tickets still available at the box office.

Ps get well & painting soon old bean

Paul Leach said...


I hope you get well soon. That's a pretty tough time you've had there.


Matt said...

Stop bl00dy malingering and get some painting done ... you've got a paying public here! ... hmmm ... actually the 'paying' bit might be slightly inaccurate?

Oh well, get well soon old bean!



GuitarheroAndy said...

Thanks for the good wishes folks...things are a bit better, but I'm still deaf as a post!!!!

Am in the middle of a unit of Perry Poor Knights (Spanish Jinetes) for El Cid. Had forgotten how different they are to paint compared to GB stuff!! Hope to complete at the weekend!


Sire Godefroy said...

All the best to you! I'm a regular follower of your campaign postings and I'm looking forward to every update. So, please get well soon. :-)