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Sunday, 31 May 2009

Decisions, decisions...

Well, it's been a busy old week. Painting has occurred, but I haven't finished those Andalusian archers yet - shame, as it was excellent weather for photography this evening.

However, there is less need to rush through the El Cid models, as I took a long read of the Hot Lead scenarios last night and realised that taking an El Cid army would, for me, be incredibly stupid...You see, each scenario pits 1500pts against 1000pts in unbalanced scenarios and while the 1500pt army might have done ok, the 1000pt variant I'd come up with was useless for at least half the scenarios. To be honest, the 1500pt one wasn't great and, as I came last at Cold Steel, I would like to be not last at Hot Lead, so have opted for an Arthurian Welsh army - however, not my usual cavalry-fest, but an infantry based force with Saxon allies (well...I wanted an excuse to field those Franks again and the idea was always that they could sub as Saxons if you ignore the heavy throwing spears on some of them...)

So, I will still be painting El Cid, as I want to complete the army...just not quite as frantically as I would otherwise have been!!!! I do need to mount the Saxon/Frank character on a round base and finish half a dozen new Welsh Teulu, so that's what'll take my time this week and next, then it'll be back to the El Cid, I promise!!!!

Bretwalda update tomorrow night, all being well....

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Paul Leach said...

Hope all is going well, Andy. Haven't seen a post in awhile. I assume you have been busy getting ready for Hot Lead. Looking forward to your report and pics from the event.