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Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Went the day well...??? Did it f***!!! :-)

Hmmm...yes....well... Round two of the Bretwalda campaign. My Welsh against my mate Phil and his Picts. Yes, this is the Phil that I've wargamed with for 15 years and have beaten about 5 times!!!!

So, I was present at his mighty victory and my Warlord was slain in a challenge. So, with the old adage, 'roll anything but a 1' on the post game sequence wounds table, what did I do???? Yup, you guessed it!! One dead Warlord!!!! Only one so far in the campaign...Great!! At least it proves that, as organiser, I'm not weighting anything in my favour!!

So, in true Bretwalda tradition... A Poem!!!! Borrowing heavily from the 6th Century Northern Welsh poem about the death of Urien Rheged, where a warrior returns to the kingdom with the head of his slain Lord, here is my lament to my fallen king, Cunedda, Dragon of Gwynedd!!!

A Lament for Cunedda

A head I hold in my hand

Protector of Cymri
Proud Lord of Gwynedd

A head I hold in my hand
Of Fair Cuneda,
Unflinching on the war-field

A head I bring upon my horse
Head of Cunedda the Dragon
Glutter of ravens black

A head I bear from the field of slaughter,
Upon his jaws a foam of blood
Woe to he who so struck my Lord

A head I bring to the burial place
From the field of woe and slaughter

Woe be to Gwynedd from this day

A head I bear upon my shoulder
He who slaughtered Saxon-kind
Now a litter-burden to the resting place.

Caer Leon saw his fall
In fierce combat with the Lord of the North
Now ravens feast on my Lord’s breast

Hail to Cunedda
Pillar of Prydein
He was the shield of his people

Deadened my heart
My soul is broken
To funeral field we bring our Lord

A gentle Lord’s body we bury today
A cairn we raise above him
Mighty hero of Gwynedd

The feast hall silent
The mead-song stilled

Now rest, Cunedda, brave Lord and king

So in Round 3 I have to elect a new Warlord from my retinue.

It was a bugger really, as I so nearly had the scummy Pictish blightas!!! Bloody stubborn due to bloody Pagan Priest and curse my inability to roll wound dice!! Three rounds of combat in a row I hit with all attacks in that challenge and caused only one wound in all three rounds of combat!!! Bum, bugger, Arse, Feck, etc....

Full battle write up later in the week if I can shake the hideous throat infection that has plagued me since Tuesday....

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Paul Leach said...

If looking for a replacement warlord, I think some annals/geneaologies/poems (of doubtful historical accuracy) name about 9 sons for Cunedda.