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Sunday, 29 April 2007

Up and coming...

Well, I've been away all day today visiting parents, so b*gger all got done on the painting front. So, over the next week I have to complete the 4 Combrogi and 2 Pagenses that are currently half finished on my painting table. Once they are done, I'll post some pics of the dozen or so West Wind models I've painted recently, as well as a comparison shot with some GB models.

After that it's frantically paint the last 20 models ready for James Morris' 'Struggle for the North' event in late June. However, while doing that, I'll try to post a few pics showing my use of the Foundry 3-colour process and how I sometimes deviate from it with GW paints....just in case anybody out there cares!! :-)

I'll also post some pics of the wargame table boards I've just created as well as work in progress on the Scheltrum miniatures Arthurian fort. First resin scenics I've painted. One section finished and not looking too bad at all....

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M said...

Hi, I'd be very interested in your experiences with the Foundry 3 colour system as I'm in the process of starting to use it myself.