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Saturday, 28 April 2007

Arthurian Warlord

Just to get us all started, my conversion of Gripping Beast's fabulous Welsh Lord model that accompanied their WAB Age of Arthur deals earlier this year.
Basically, I've added armour to his upper arms, re-sculpted the cloak to cover the joins and added splint armour to his legs. I also added a shield...

The dead Saxon was converted from the Saxon model that also accompanied said deal....(Every good Romano-British Warlord knows that the only good Saxon is a dead Saxon and the only thing BETTER than a dead Saxon is a dying Saxon who tells you where to find his mates!!!)


Rob Willis said...

Hi. I've been curious lately about artist's impressions of King Arthur's shield. I have been doing image searches on Google, and I've found some nice examples including yours. I like that one with the red dragon and (I think it's) the Chi-Rho. Dan Becker has a similar miniature war-gaming website.

My step-mom is an artist named Lenore Holt. I told her that I wanted to impersonate King Arthur in events such as Pittsburgh's Saint Patrick's Day Parade. I ordered a round shield from Museum Replicas Limited, and I asked Lenore to paint a red dragon interwovern with a braided Celtic Cross. She did a magnificent job, and people really dig it. You can see photos of it on Pittsburgh's Saint David's Society's website by clicking on the link to the daffodil photos.

Anonymous said...

This one is my favorite Andy... breathtaking piece of work.