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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Disaster Update...

Thank you for your many sympathetic comments!! My misery has now been replaced with embarrassment at being such a clumsy muppet!!

Having stayed up into the wee small hours I can confirm that all is not so bad. Only 3 models are virtually beyond repair and that's a combination of weakened horse limbs and the fact that the horses were painted so long ago that I no longer remember what shade of brown I used and anyway, GW don't make those shades any more! I do have spare unpainted horses, though ...

9 cavalry models and 6 infantry need new weapons and repairs to minor chipping of paint. A further 16 cavalry and about 12 infantry need repairs to minor paint chipping.

So, it could have been MUCH worse!!


Gordon Richards said...

Good to hear that so much is salvageable!

Loki Greathall said...

I saw your post in the small hours last night and felt gutted for you, and know just how gutting it is from personal experience. I am glad to read that all is not lost and you can salvage the majority..

Matt said...

Crikey mate! It's the stuff of heart attacks! Glad you have been able to sort most of it out.

CelticCurmudgeon said...

Dear Andy,

Accidents are a part of life - and definitely part of wargames. In my sixty years in the hobby - close to fifty in miniatures - I have read about everything from hobby knives slipping and seriously hurting a hobbyist to automobile accidents upon leaving from a convention with serious damage done to extremely valuable collections. While what happened might have been avoided (and accidents frequently can, IMHO)it's almost like watching a football game where no real harm leads to no foul.

Important concerns - first and foremost - are you OK. Judging from your description, you are. next - are any of the toys irremediably broken. Again a couple of horses need to be redone but if you look at this as an opportunity to try new colors, this could actually be an opportunity.

Be well and know that you have joined the ranks of the rest of us on whom the bad stuff of accidental damage has occurred from time to time.


Piscatores said...


Sorry to hear of your disaster - I know how it feels, and my toys are never painted to your level.

Glad you can salvage most of them.