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Friday, 25 April 2014

Northwest Frontier Terrain Finished!!! Hurrah!!

Well, after a long hiatus, I have finally managed to do a significant amount of work on my NW Frontier project which will be gamed using T&T Colonials and my own modified 'make it up as I go along' LoTOW rules.

Here are some pics of my terrain table. The base-cloth is a 9 x 4.5 foot piece of upholstery material that has been treated with various light coats of various sand coloured spray paints. The stepped hills are by Tablescape and have had a light coat of Plasticote 'Stone' spray paint - the stuff that comes out textured. The big rocky formations are aquarium ornaments or large rocks from my garden. The wooded hills are old GW ones which have had garden slate polyfilla'd into place, followed by a hefty layer of sand which has been painted with very watered down Foundry Base Sand Shade and highlighted with Base Sand.

There is also a Last Valley hill and a GW modular plastic hill on here. Rocky outcrops are from a variety of manufacturers and the whole thing has been enhanced by lots of lichen.

Apologies for picture quality, but I can only really do this sort of thing in the evening and the light in my kitchen-diner is dire for photography.

Some pics have a bunch of Old Glory and Castaway Arts Pathans in them. I painted them using my dip and highlight method. About 40 more of those and 3 companies of Anglo-Indians are in various stages of painting as we speak.

The style is undeniably 'old-school' but the great thing is that I can do up to an 8 x 4ft table, can pack the stuff in two large Really Useful boxes and run participation games at the club. I am really pleased with it. I also have 3 typical middle eastern buildings that will work, although I'd like a Pathan watchtower...

Anyway, pics of the terrain...


Dalauppror said...

Looking realy good !

greate work !

best regards Michael

Michael Mills said...

One of the best setups I've seen for quite some time. Who wouldn't want to play on a table like that? Awesome stuff mate. Inspirational!

Phil said...

Great work with this terrain, well done!

DeanM said...

Great looking terrain, Andy. Those massive rocky outcrops are very intimidating!

Matt said...

A superb collection of terrain you have there! :o)

I'm particularly impressed with the base cloth which acts as a fantastic 'canvas' for the scene. You mention it's upholstery cloth but it looks quite thick and almost 'vinyl'.

It's certainly given me some ideas for my Gallipoli project.