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Monday, 25 March 2013


Blimey!! 81,000 views!! Seems like only a week ago it was 75,000! Lots of you must visit very regularly and for that I thank you all very much! I'm so glad that my hobby adventures provide you with something to follow...and that you all leep coming back. Thank you all so very much 

Next up, tales of a disaster of global proportions in the Dux Britanniarum campaign, followed by yet more Dux Bellorum and maybe even some more painting!! I have a Saxon standard bearer, some more Elves and some Colonial Sikhs in various stages of semi-completion and I am considering painting some Huns to use as horse archers with a Late Roman army in Dux Bellorum...(yup, Dux Bellorum is the current 'must play more' set here at GeetarheroTowers...)

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Bedford said...

Congrats on the stats Andy.

Some achievement here in Blogland.